Activity Days 2023

SP CW Club (SPCWC) Activity Days

1. The event is organised on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the establishment of the SPCWC.

2. The Polish Telegraphists’ Club (SPCWC) is the organiser of the Activity Days.
SP2FAP and SP9MDY are the managers of the Activity Days.

3. The event will take place on HF bands, on 1st July (4-5 UTC and 12-13 UTC),  2nd July 2023 (15-16 UTC and 18-19 UTC)

3a. All HF bands, CW mode.

4. It will be possible to obtain the commemorative Award for having collected 28 points (SP station), assuming that each QSO with a SPCWC Member grants 4 points. The European stations have to collect 14 points, and the DX stations – 8 points.


A QSO made by a SPCWC Member with a SPCWC non-member grants 4 points – only for the SPCWC non-member, and the SPCWC Member is granted 0 points.

A QSO made by a SPCWC Member with another SPCWC Member grants 4 points for each of them.

5. Duplication of a QSO made with a given station on the same band and on the same day is not allowed.

6. The exchange data: the SPCWC Members send RST + their membership number (e.g. 599 036), the others send RST + NM (eg. 599 NM).

7. The RBN Cluster of the SPCWC Members is available on its website at – that facilitates collection of points.

8. The list of the required QSOs has to be submitted within 7 days to the following e-mail address: [email protected] .

9. The commemorative e-Award in the PDF or JPG format will be submitted to the e-mail address specified in an application.

10. The Award is available to the SWL stations, the points have to be collected analogically. SPCWC Members: