1. The Polish Telegraphy Club further reffered as SP-CW-C, was established with the initiative of The Editors and The Publisher of – „THE QTC” – The Polish Amateur-Radio Magazine. It was on the 1st of July 1995.

2. „The SP-CW-C” is associating the Amateur-radio Operators – !! including Short Waves Listeners – „SWL” !!, spread all over the World, people, who are capable to understand the Code by hearing as well as being able to send the messages by hand with the use of so called:” paddles „, or” keys „.

3. Any holder of an Amateur-radio Licence including SWL may become a member.

a. Shall present of five recommendations from five different SP-CW-C members. Person interested in joining shall initially request the sponsorship during a QSO.

Additionally possible way to gain the membership is;

b. Participation in at least ten international Contests HF or VHF being classified in the CW category.

4. Membership will be certified with a Diploma. The cost is equivalent of 10 Euros on applying person. eDiploma will be issued free of charge.

5. The SP-CW-C’s membership is valid for life.

6. Membership in the SP-CW-C will expire upon resignation.

7. The Members of International Telegraphy Clubs like HSC, FOC, CWOPs may join upon written act of will of join.

8. The SP-CW-C’s member have right to use the logo.

9. The SP-CW-C’s the organiser of national telegraphy contests.

10. Lifetime Members List contains the call-signs of all ever released membership Numbers.

11. Workflow of the Club is maintained by the SP-CW-C’s Manager.

12. The SPCWC’s a member od European Telegraphy Association EUCWC and International CW Council ICWC.

13. Correspondence Address: SP-CW-C, c / o Sylwester Jarkiewicz SP2FAP, Suchacz-Zamek, ul. Wielmoży 5b, 82-340 Tolkmicko; eMail: [email protected]